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Utility Providers in Otsego County

Natural Gas

Consumers of natural gas are able to purchase directly from licensed alternative gas suppliers (AGS) and usually receive lower than average costs based upon the choice of supplier and the consumer's usage. Michigan is one of the nation's largest gas production states and has more natural gas reserves than any other Great Lakes State.

DTE Energy/Michigan Consolidated Gas Company can be contacted at 1-800-477-4747.


Propane and Fuel Oil 

Propane is considered to be a "green fuel" and is not harmful to soil and water. Because it is odorless an "odor" is added so that propane can be detected should there be a leak. Propane often costs less than natural gas. 

Propane Companies in Otsego County:

Johnson Oil & Propane (989) 732-2451



Michigan supports the electic customer's choice. Depending upon the provider, the cost could be much lower than the State's average based upon factors such as where the service provider is located, their service area in relation to your business, loads and efficiency. 

Electric Companies in Otsego County:

Consumers Energy 1-800-805-0490

ITC Holdings Inc. (989) 671-0616/1-877-482-4829

Wolverine Power Supply Co. (231) 775-5700/1-800-283-1270


Internet and Telecommunications 

For phone services including standard business lines, Centrex, Digital Subscriber Lines, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), PBX trunks, Internet, Dial Up, Wireless, DSL, Satellite, Broadband, and/or Web hosting.

Winn Communications (989) 748-9800.