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Otsego County Training & Education

The Gaylord Education Center is a state-of-the-art facility providing seamless academic and career technical training in high-tech, high-wage, and high-demand occupations. This Center comprised of the University Center and the Michigan Technical Education Center (M-TEC), provides standard and customized employee training, retraining for individuals who have lost their jobs or are seeking new technical or vocational skills as well as certificate and degree programs for individuals seeking professional and technical employment. The 47,000 square foot facility offers training in a wide range of technical and industrial areas as well as certificate, two-year and four-year university degree programs. The facility provides space for customized training for industry as well as interactive television classrooms to access university and community college courses from eight affiliated schools.



The Mission of the M-TEC at Kirtland-Gaylord is to provide educational programs and services to individuals in preparation for employment in high-skill, high-wage, and high-demand occupations. In addition, through customized training and contracted education, business and industry partners in the Northern Michigan Region and their employees will be provided with educational opportunities specifically designed to upgrade and/or enhance the job skills necessary to compete in a local, state, national and global economy.

Contact: Mark McCully, Workforce Development Director
60 Livingston Blvd. Gaylord, MI 49735 989.705-3631 or 231.499-5945 (cell) or through email at Visit M-TEC's web site.


University Center at Gaylord

At this state-of-the-art college center students can earn Associate, Bachelor and Master Degrees or advanced technical training in a variety of areas from the Technical Training Center, all on-campus. Programs are offered based on both the students' needs and the employer's requests from the business and manufacturing communities of Northern Michigan. Through a seamless working relationship between all college partners, students can receive their education without the need to travel great distances.

At The University Center at Gaylord students have access to a state-of-the-art computer learning and research laboratory. Class offerings are taught through a variety of methods such as in-class-lecture, interactive television courses and internet on-line courses. Technical training is provided "hands-on" in technical labs. Through the various colleges, students receive full career and employment services.

Contact: Jack Thompson, Executive Director University Center 80 Livingston Blvd. Gaylord, MI 49735 989.705-3700 Visit the University Center's web site.


Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center at North Western Michigan College

More northern Michigan manufacturers will receive training and support through NMC’s Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center’s (MMTC) expansion into eleven additional counties of the northern Lower Peninsula.

Northwestern Michigan College hosts the regional office of the MMTC. The center is part of the nationwide Manufacturing Extension Partnership program under the National Institute for Science and Technology.

The expansion – taking MMTC’s service area from 10 counties to 21 counties –is part of a statewide redistricting. It also aligns with NMC’s strategic agenda calling for the college to increase its role in support of economic development, workforce development and community growth.

“For the Northern Michigan region to grow and prosper, the manufactures here must employ highly-skilled and educated people, use world-class quality processes and apply advanced manufacturing technology in order to continually improve their global competitiveness,” said Richard Wolin, Director of the regional office. “Workforce education is increasingly a key component of business retention, growth and attraction efforts of economic developers.”

The MMTC is required to achieve performance metrics regarding the number of clients served as well as client-reported impacts to ensure the effective use of state and federal tax funds for support of business and job growth. Through the regional MMTC office assessment services and basic improvement advice are offered at no cost along with a number of low cost introductory training topics. The office is required to maintain an average of 15 to 1 return on investment as reported by clients using the services. Client organizations are surveyed by a national, third-party firm between six and 12 months after project completion to assess project impacts.

“We will provide the training services necessary to enhance the global competitiveness of Northern Michigan’s small to mid-sized manufacturers,” Wolin said. “We will work with each client to assess needs and design solutions aligned with organizational strategies. We can provide access to state and national resources through our partnership with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center.”

Contact: Rich Wolin, Director at MMTC Regional Office 231.995-2003 or by email at: or

Contact: Paul Heaton, Director of Public Relations, NMC 231.995-1019 or by email at: Visit the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center's web site.


Michigan Works!

Michigan Works! provides leadership and services to Michigan Workforce Development System customers and professionals. Services that are included are screening and hiring services, ongoing educational opportunities, access to on-the-job-training funds if qualified, and Worker Opportunity Tax Credits.

The Michigan Works! System is the first unified workforce development system in the country. For more information contact: Kathy Bradley, Business Liaison, and Gaylord Michigan Works! at 989.732-3886, ext. 4222 or through email at: Visit Michigan Works! web site.


Michigan New Jobs Training Program

The Michigan New Jobs Training Program is designed to be an economical development tool where an employer that is creating new jobs or expanding within Michigan can receive financial assistance for training their employees through a program that uses in part, the state income tax associated with the new employee's wage. Community colleges provide complimentary training for employer's new employees who qualify for this program. Contact Mark McCully, Executive Director, M-Tec 989.705.3631 or through email Visit the Michigan New Jobs Training Program web site.


Pure Michigan Talent Connect

Pure Michigan Talent Connect places employer's in contact with qualified skilled-workers who are seeking employment in Michigan at no cost to the employer or future employee. Contact: Kathy Bradley, Business Liaison, and Gaylord Michigan Works! at 989.732-3886, ext. 4222 or through email Visit the Pure Michigan Talent Connect web site.