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Otsego County has the transportation and technology infrastructure to move your products and people to their destinations quickly and efficiently.


Transportation at a Glance

Highways: Interstate I-75 connects northern and southern Michigan just to the west of Gaylord, while State highway M-32 connects commuter's to the eastern and western parts of Michigan. Midwest. Drive distances/times include:

  • Detroit, MI: 233 Miles / 3:36
  • Chicago, IL: 349 Miles / 5:25
  • Columbus, OH: 406 Miles / 5:59
  • Sault Ste. Marie, MI: 116 Miles / 1:48
  • Toledo, OH: 269 Miles /3:48
  • Toronto, Canada: 414 Miles / 6:10


Air: The Gaylord Regional Airport (KGLR) is owned and operated by the County of Otsego. 

  • Licensed by Michigan Aeronautics Commission as a General Utility Airport.
  • Listed as a tier one airport in all catgories of the Michigan Airport System Plan.
  • Computerized Weather & Flight Planning.
  • Hangars & Tie Downs.
  • Pilots Lounge/Bunk Room.
  • 3 Conference Rooms and a separate lobby.
  • Click here for services that are offered by the airport.


Meecher/Dickerson Northfolk Souther Corporation 2 trains, 5,653 railroad crossing daily traffic.

North Otsego Lake Road Lake State Railway Company 2 trains 7,135 railroad crossing daily traffic.

Second Street Lake State Railway Company 2 trains, 1,100 railaroad crossing daily traffic.