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Available Sites and Buildings:

We maintain an up-to-date listing of available vacant industrial sites and buildings in Otsego County. We can assist you with identifying available properties that meet your requirements as well as the appropriate contacts.

Gaylord Industrial Park - The GaylordIndustrial Park is a fully developed, city-owned, industrial park with municipal water and sewer, natural gas, heavy power, Class A roads, direct access to I-75 from two exits, adjacent to the Otsego County Airport and zoned Industrial. Development of Phase I of the park has been completed and sites are ready for occupancy. There are five 4+ acre sites, twenty-six 2.5+ acre sites, and eleven 1+ acre sites. Larger sites can be created by combining lots or in the adjacent undeveloped area. Lots are priced at $35,000 per acre.  Protective covenants are in place to ensure good development. The City pays a 5% commission to Real Estate brokers involved in a sale.  The park has been established as an industrial development district for the purposes of granting tax abatements.

Infrastructure Financing - The local municipality (City, Township or Village), working with the Otsego County Economic Alliance, will work with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Michigan Department of Transportation to access federal funds in the form of state-administered Community Development Block Grants and Transportation Economic Development Funds for infrastructure improvements (water, sewer, road, rail, gas and electric) necessary to locate a project to industrial sites. The amount of the grant funding depends on the number of jobs created and the amount of private investment.  A local match is also usually required.

Redevelopment Renaissance Zone - The entire G-P property has been designated by Bagley Township and Otsego County as a Redevelopment Renaissance Zone under Act 376 of 1996 as amended and being specifically MCL 125.2688a.6(b)(iii). This designation exempts all property in the zone from the Michigan Business Tax and all property taxes except for those that are used to pay bonded indebtedness.  The tax benefits are phased out at 25% increments during the Zone's final three years of existence. Property owners are still responsible for property taxes levied to pay for local bonded indebtedness, school sinking funds, and special assessments Abatement - Manufacturing projects locating in the Gaylord Industrial Park, Gaylord Air Industrial Park, one site in Waters and the industrially zoned areas in the Village of Vanderbilt and Corwith Township are eligible under Public Act 198 of 1974, as amended, for a 12 year 50% abatement of real and personal property taxes that would be levied on all new investment in a project. This would abate 50% of all locally levied property taxes. With agreement from the state, the 6 mill state education tax could also be abated.  A recent amendment to the Act allows the granting of an abatement on one existing industrial building in OtsegoCounty that has been vacant for at least four years (Kimball Bldg. - GAIP, Glen’s Warehouse - Waters and Dozer Construction – Vanderbilt).


Michigan Business Tax Personal

Property Tax Reductions - Under the Michigan Business Tax (MBT) industrial personal property is exempt from the 6 mill state education tax and is also exempt from up to 18 mills levied for school operating purposes.  Commercial personal property is exempt from up to 12 of the mills levied for school operating purposes.  Additional MBT Credits Available Based on Eligible Personal Property Taxes Paid.  A taxpayer may claim a credit against the MBT equal to 35% of the eligible industrial personal property taxes paid.

Pollution Control Equipment Tax Exemption - Certified air and water pollution abatement equipment is 100% exempt from property taxes in Michigan. Certification is approved by Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Michigan’s New Tax Cuts Michigan has replaced the Michigan Business Tax (MBT) effective January 1, 2012 with a new, simpler and more competitive corporate income tax.

Low tax rates have been established in Michigan. The new structure taxes C-Corporations at 6% on federal taxable income apportioned to Michigan. Other entities – individuals, partnerships, LLCs, etc. – have income flow to their personal income tax. The personal income tax rate will remain 4.35%, dropping to 4.25% in 2013.

The change reduces business taxes by an estimated 86%. All industries are in line for significant tax cuts, thus reducing operational costs and encouraging new investment in the state.

Michigan’s overall business tax climate ranking is now 13th in the U.S., according to the Tax Foundation. In isolating the corporate tax rankings, the Foundation’s Michigan ranking jumps to 22nd from the previous level of 48th.

The new, simplified tax system provides a significant broad- based reduction in business taxes and eliminates a laundry list of credits and deductions previously included in the MBT.

Economic Development Job Training - Economic Development Job Training (EDJT) assistance is available through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. The EDJT program provides a grant for qualified specialized training required by an employer. This is a discretionary program and only provided if a project meets a number of criteria.